Shorten the sales cycle by 30%



Client Introduction

Our client is a low-voltage contractor that specializes in helping companies set up new offices with the proper cabling and security systems.  The owner and his son run the day to day operations and this includes all the sales and customer service. While our client does both residential and commercial wiring, he really wanted to focus on growing his commercial business focusing on rewiring offices when companies move.


The Situation

Our client had aggressive growth goals and the owner was wanting to transition more of the sales and client facing responsibilities to his son, freeing his time to work on strategically growing the business.  The owner wanted to find a way that he could make sure that potential sales didn't fall through the cracks and to shorten the sales cycle. When we started working with our client the sales cycle for preplanned moves was taking over 1 month to progress from lead to closed.


The Issue

When we started working with our client, the owner was using the stack of client files on his desks as his CRM.  His follow up and information gathering process was all manual and managed through notes on pieces of paper.  Some clients were followed up in a timely manner and other took a "bit" longer.  He understood that this way of managing his pipeline wouldn't support his growth goals. 


The Solution

Before implementing any process changes we spent time with our client mapping out his current sales cycle and identifying points in that cycle that we could automate and other points where the client needed additional information. We designed a process that started when a client scheduled a meeting with our client.  Our client would enter the prospects information and the new prospect would receive a confirmation email with a link to upload their office diagram.  This allowed our client to review the office layout prior to the sales call and come prepared with more detailed options for the client.  Following the meeting, the client would receive a thank you email with a link to our clients testimonial page and four days later the prospect receives an email with a how-to guide for office connectivity and security along with a list of FAQs and their answers.   Four days later, our client would receive a text and email reminding them to follow up with their prospect with a phone call.


The Outcome

Our process allowed our client to present himself and his company in a more positive light.  Because he had a office diagram before ever meeting with the client he could arrive at his first meeting with specific details to point out to his client compared to his competition who was still information gathering at their first meeting.  The follow up emails not only kept him top of mind to his prospects but also gave them information that they could use to make a educated business decision.  Following implementation of the automated process, our client saw their sales cycle shorten by 30% which allowed him to keep more work scheduled for his crews.  He also saw an increase in his close because of his structured attention to his prospects.

Decrease in Sales Cycle Time



Closing Rate Increase
William V.

Having Kevin work with us was just what we needed.  He was able to build a process that not only kept me on top of what I needed to do for my clients but also the process actually helped me close more business. Having a process that can scale with my business is invaluable.  I know we will be able to keep this process going as we grow.


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