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Generating Revenue from Thought Leadership



Client Introduction

Our client is local provider of top-level developers, system architects and business advisors to technology startups and software development firms that need help completing a project. Whenever one of their clients needs additional developers with specific skills, or when they need someone to help refine their DevOps processes, our client sources professionals that fit the client's need and their culture, ensuring their clients completed their projects on time.


The Situation

Our client had recently brought on a new chief operations officer with the goal to accomplish two things, streamline the company's operational process and to stabilize their monthly new revenue getting them off the revenue roller coaster. They had limited prospects in their pipeline and while they were actively working to fill the pipeline, they had no clearly defined strategy to identify leads and convert them in to engaged prospects.


The Issue

Our client had partnered with numerous other companies to market and present webinars on topics germane to DevOps, ie SCRUM, effective hiring, effective collaboration with remote teams, etc and were having 100 plus attendees at each monthly webinar. They were receiving the list of attendees and those registered but did not attend after each event; however, they did not have any process in place to follow up with the list.  If the attendees didn't reach out after the event there was no additional contact with them.


The Solution

We worked with our client to design an automated marketing campaign that was personalized for each attendee.  Following the webinar each attendee received a thank you email with a link to download bonus content related to the topic of the webinar and was then offered an opportunity to receive a series of six emails with content focused on how to identify the gaps in your development program, effectively hire full-time or contract support and onboard your new team member.  Following the six email series, the prospects were invited to contact directly to discuss the status of their developer program.  Once the campaign was in place for the next webinar, we helped our client design a content calendar identifying the bonus content for the next years webinars and establish a publishing timeline to ensure content was available prior to any webinars going live.


The Outcome

Time On Target's sales development plan exceeded our client's goals.  Our client was able to consistently achieve 40% or higher open rates on the initial emails and 20% click through/download rate.  From each webinar our client was able to move 2-3 attendees from the nurturing campaign to an active sales process.  This consistent source of new prospects increased their pipeline revenue by 150% and stabilized their monthly revenue.

Open Rate



Content Download Rate


Subscription Rate
Brian J.
Chief Operating Officer

We would have been lost without Kevin. I could talk about the tremendous growth we've seen in sales, or the way he took time to really understand how our clients made buying decisions, but really it comes down to this: Kevin brings up the level of work around him. We very literally would not be as successful as we are as a company if Kevin hadn't worked with us. I cannot recommend him more highly.


Tel: 612.363.9798

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