TIme On Target helps companies find a better way to run a sales program and to enable their sales team to sell their products.  Time On Target isn't just about getting more sales, we want to help our clients in a way that is true to who we are and helps build quality businesses.

KEVIN SNOW, Founder and CEO

Kevin Snow is a sales and marketing professional with over 20 years experience in sales and sales management in the technology and digital marketing industries. He is a best selling author and a professional public speaker specializing in word of mouth marketing and how to best tell your story to get business. His passion is working with entrepreneurs to help them develop effective sales strategies and processes for their businesses. Kevin Snow founded Time On Target in 2012 after returning from a deployment in Iraq and Kuwait. 


Over the last 15 years Kevin has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs and sales professionals through consulting and training to help them close over $150 million in new business by leveraging their existing relationships and better communicating their product's differentiating benefits.


They are everywhere! You can find them at trade shows and the business card exchanges. They attend conferences and seminars, and they have infiltrated networking groups around the world. Chances are you have encountered them or have been their victim. Maybe you're one of them and don't even know it! These are the World's Worst Networkers. Tim Houston and several of the world's best networkers take an uncensored look at the way some people conduct their business networking, online and offline. Their stories and experiences about these nightmares of networking will teach you how not to network.  Featuring contributions by: -- Dr. Ivan Misner -- Bob Burg -- Susan RoAne -- Robyn Henderson -- Michelle R. Donovan -- Kevin Snow and many more!


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