Time On Target  noun  \taim an 'targәt\

​A concentration of artillery fire on a target in which the time of firing by each unit participating is so regulated that all the projectiles reach the target simultaneously.

Who We Are

We are your allies in a digital world.

Time On Target is more that just another digital sales and marketing agency. Everyone on our team is focused on one thing, completing the mission.  And that mission is to make sure that our clients have the right sales tools and those tools are all working in sync so your prospects receive the right content at the right time and sales close in a timely manner.


The internet has transformed how sales team operate and how they sell. We are your navigator in the ever growing sales and marketing technology landscape. We are driven to use technology for good to create extraordinary things for our clients that accelerate their growth. We treat our client’s challenge as our own, never satisfied until it’s solved and you are on the road to making your dream business a reality. The relationships we’ve built with our customers, coworkers, partners, and community are what inspire us to do our best work.

Meet the founder, Kevin Snow


I'm the Founder of Time On Target and I have been called a sales expert and a technology geek (among other things) by different people over the years; but one thing is for sure...I know how to help companies take their automation game to the next level. And yes, I am holding a badass spartan sword in the picture.

I'm part entrepreneur, part sales person, part technology master and part Star Wars fan.  I'm passionate about driving change and growth in my clients through helping them understand how they sell and optimizing their sales process with digital technology.  I'm also an author, a speaker and a podcast host...more on that in a bit


If you want to get in touch with me, shoot me an email or follow me on one of my social media accounts.

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Hear More from Kevin on these podcasts.


Ready to Grow Your Company?

Join us on the Growth Mode Podcast, where Donnie Boivin, an extroverted successful sales guy and CEO; and Kevin Snow, an Introverted successful sales guy and a master at sales and marketing automation, debate what it takes simplify the business scaling process. The result is you get real words tips, funny anecdotes, and whole lot of no-nonsense tactics you can apply to your business.

Our Core Values as a Company

Dive Deep Enough to Touch Bottom.

We don’t treat symptoms. If we aren’t diving in and understanding the cause, we aren’t in a position to fully help our clients. That means we question EVERYTHING! We don’t take what we see at face value. The more we question what we see the better the outcome for us and our clients.

Delight the Customer Not the Boss.

Delighting our customers is key to the long term survival of Time On Target. But we don't just want to make our clients happy, we want to make them successful! And this means that sometimes we will tell you things you might not want to hear...but you need to hear because it will help set you up for success down the road.

Use Good Judgement

For us, good judgement is all about what we prioritize when we make decisions that will impact our business and our clients.  Our decisions will always place the good of the team over self, company over team, and customers over company. To quote Spock..."The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one."

No Dicks Allowed!

Mean people suck.  We don't want to suck.  One of our favorite authors, Mike Michalowicz, said "Life is too short to deal with rude, arrogant people who are only out for numero uno." We agree.  If that describes you, you most likely won't enjoy working with us or for us.  We want to surround our selves with clients and partners that are going to push us to be better than we are not pull us down.


They are everywhere! You can find them at trade shows and the business card exchanges. They attend conferences and seminars, and they have infiltrated networking groups around the world. Chances are you have encountered them or have been their victim. Maybe you're one of them and don't even know it! These are the World's Worst Networkers. Tim Houston and several of the world's best networkers take an uncensored look at the way some people conduct their business networking, online and offline. Their stories and experiences about these nightmares of networking will teach you how not to network.  Featuring contributions by: -- Dr. Ivan Misner -- Bob Burg -- Susan RoAne -- Robyn Henderson -- Michelle R. Donovan -- Kevin Snow and many more!

Read Kevin's regular article in Success Champions Magazine

December 2020

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