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30% Revenue Growth During the First Year



Client Introduction

Our client is the leader in online tools for healthcare education.  For the past 10 years they have helped secondary and vocational institutions track the educational progress of their students, ensuring that their clients graduated students that were highly qualified to enter the healthcare workforce. They are known for providing the most helpful, personal and convenient service possible to their customers.


The Situation

Our client was an early entry in to the educational services market and focused their initial marketing to a specific niche vertical within the healthcare education market.  The client was able to build strong relationships with influencers in the niche vertical and grew their market share within that niche to 85%. The client was now ready to expand their market focus to other allied medical services.


The Issue

Because our client had built their sales program around warm referrals, they had never developed an outside sales program. All referrals were handled by their customer experience team. As a result, they were poorly positioned to successfully acquire market share in new vertical markets where they had no promoters actively generating warm referrals.  They needed a team that could identify, gain access to, and close decision makers without the benefit of a warm referral if they wanted to achieve their growth goals.


The Solution

Before implementing any change we spent time with our client making sure we understood the customer-centric culture they had created.  Once we understood how they were currently selling, we were able to map their sales process and develop a program that allowed them to replicate the one on one attention their clients received but with outside sales people scattered around the country.  We worked with them to design sales territories that provided ample opportunity for sales success but were still geographically manageable, developed a new sales compensation plan, constructed a modular sales training program for new hires, and mapped out a management process to allow the COO to manage the new team effectively.  For this program to be successful, our client needed to hire the right candidates.  To facilitate this, we designed and helped implement a new hiring process that focused on identifying candidates with a history of behaviors that were compatible with their culture.


The Outcome

Time On Target's sales development plan exceeded our client's goals.  During the first hiring cycle, our client was able to identify four candidates that met the personality and behavioral profiled we had helped them establish. During the first year, the new sales team allowed our client to crush their revenue goals increase their revenue by over 30%. Additionally because of the initial success of the sales program, our client re-engaged us to serve as an interim sales manager and help lead a search for permanent sales leadership.

New Sales People Hired



First Year Revenue Growth


Growth in Pipeline Revenue
Michael J.
President and Founder

Working with Kevin was a joy. He helped us form a sales plan and build a new team to implement it. Kevin is very organized and walked us through the entire process over several months. We leveraged his network to find candidates and to gain the expertise of knowledgeable consultants who helped us along the way. If you need sales help I highly recommend you have a conversation with Kevin.


Tel: 612.363.9798

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